Best Ever 10 Year Mortgage Deals Launched

Santander has launched its lowest ever 10 year mortgage pegged at 3.44% until 2024, aimed at home buyers able to stump up a 40% deposit. The new mortgage, which the bank claims is the cheapest in the market, is the latest in a surge of 10 year deals from lenders cashing in on … [Read more...]

HMRC Raiding Bank Accounts

HMRC is pushing for new powers to raid the bank accounts of people who don’t pay their tax. The powers would allow HMRC to take money directly from your bank account without going to court first. [Tweet "HMRC Raiding Bank Accounts"] … [Read more...]

Christmas Party!

Business entertaining is not generally tax deductible, but entertaining your staff is an allowable business expense. The allowable costs of a staff annual function include food, drink, entertainment and other incidental costs such as transport, venue hire and accommodation. VAT … [Read more...]

Tax Free Mobile Phone

A mobile phone provided to you by your employer is completely tax free. Providing the contract is between your employer and the network, then line rental and private calls are absolutely tax free. [Tweet "Tax Free Mobile Phone"] … [Read more...]

Mini One-Stop Shop

UK VAT registered businesses that make supplies of digital services in the EU can now register for the new mini one-stop shop. The service will start operating from 1 January 2015. [Tweet "register for the new mini one-stop shop."] … [Read more...]